Fixed Pulverizer Features

Greasing system - for better lubrication of moving mechanical parts

Special geometric - design which ensures that the pulverising force remains as constant as possible between the maximum and minimum opening

“Speed valve” - which enables the movable jaw to be closed more quickly under no-load conditions

Position of hydraulic - cylinder prevents abrasions to the rod

Wide opening - between the jaws

The distance between - the cutters located inside the jaws can be regulated, so that steel rods inside

Reinforced concrete can be cut more efficiently;

Interchangeable cutters - can be used on both sides, thus doubling usage

Innovative design - provides better grip and improves manoeuvrability;

Extremely rigid structure - prevents deformations

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Rotating Pulverizer Features

Ability to rotate continuously - through 360°, which makes it easier to carry out  demolitions in all conditions, and ensures that the material  can be held firmly in the pulverizer’s jaws.

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