HP Series Hydraulic Breakers

    With its many different models, divided into large, medium and small, Indeco has the widest range of breakers available anywhere in the world. This provides end-users with a huge choice, ensuring that they can find the ideal breaker/excavator match.  

    INDECO offers the best breakers in the business for demolition of rock, concrete and other materials on aggregate, pipeline, highway, or demolition jobs. Our 20 models to suit from 0.5 to 120 tonne carriers - and now the amazing HP18000, the largest breaker in the world - are each designed to fit your brand of excavator, loader backhoe, mini-excavator and skid-steer loader, and stationary boom-mount system.

    Features and Benefits

    1. Automatic Variance on Speed and Power
    2. Dual Shock Absorber Systems
    3. Field-Replaceable Lower Insert Bushing
    4. Low Operating Pressure
    5. Two Tool Retainers
    6. Minimum Oil Requirements
    7. Simple and Efficient Design
    8. Slimline Case Design
    9. Custom Bracket Caps
    10. Light Weight
    11. Quiet Operation
    12. Single In-body Accumulator
    13. Fewer Parts

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